+Maybe you're my snowflake+

Reblog if you are an American Directioner and miss the days where it was rare to be one.

Everyday I see posts on facebook about One Direction. I miss when they weren’t famous in America and we didn’t have to worry about directionaters. Now I see all the girls who are going to the summer tour and barely know anything about them. They don’t understand Torn or Uncle Simon. They only know What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, and Gotta Be You. They only care about Harry and how hot he is. They think Niall is ugly. They don’t know that Zayn is spelled Zayn and that he is British Pakistani. They think that “Louie” is the least talented and most of them don’t even know who Liam is. Reblog if you want to go back to when it was a suprise to find another American Directioner and there was no hate in the fandom.  

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